Patrick Dodd

///Social Justice Music

Patrick Dodd is a prolific lyricists.  We have done our best to break the music down into three groups. 


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 Social Justice Music:.


Workers of the World: UNITE


Songs in celebration of Workin' Stiffs everywhere.  Songs for singin' along strike lines, in Union halls, at night in blue collar bars, just about anywhere workin' folks gather up.  Easy to sing to and easy to pass on.  Sorta a sound track for the class war.

Patrick Dodd: Workers of the World:  Unite

Crimes Against the State

A collection of many folks favorite finger-style tunes from the old days.  Songs exploring homelessness, war, and inequality.  This Cd was at one time the number one underground collection in the Peoples Republic of China.

Patrick Dodd: Crimes Against the State


War Crimes 

 Patrick's only collected music with a full backing band.  Songs of radical environmentalism, anti-war, and anti-establishment.  Call it a prelude to Occupy.  Produced by the amazing Michael Zimmerman who also leads the backing band Small Revolution.  Social Justice music at full tilt and full volume.  We recorded this one in 2003, but only did a limited release.  We re-released this CD Nov. 2012.


Patrick Dodd and Small Revolutions: War Crimes (feat. Michael Zimmerman)

Crumbling Empire

A soon to be released collection of the artists musings on the fall of this little empire we call home.  

Crimes Against Nature

A collection of the environmental songs of one of the original environmental writers.

Soil of Desperation

The award winning cassette is now being prepared for release in Cd format  These amazing songs were written during what was called the Homeless War in Eugene Or.  The songs were written in homeless camps about the people living there at the time, and were sung on the lines, at the camps, in the jails and finally all over America.  "With songs of astonishing power and grace, Mr. Dodd puts a human face to cold statistics." Timothy Mason Village Vanguard

Other Unpublished Songs


Outlaw Music:


Love Songs: