King of the Park

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Patrick Dodd


He was born to board he’s a half-pipe hurricane

Climb it up the wall baby just to hear the wheels scream

Ain’t no fear of flying in the young man’s heart

The crowds adore him and the locals root for him

He can do things on a board ain’t been done before him

That’s why we call him the King of the local skate park


He’s a rocket on a rail he’s too hot to fail

There ain’t a move that the boy can’t nail

The park is his canvas and he turns the pipe into art

The shaky to a slide grind the house to a glide

He can flip without a grip cause he was born to ride

That’s why the kids all call him the King of the Park


The crunch and the sling the wasp and the sting

He makes it up as he rides cause he can do anything

When he hits the park baby don’t the good times start

He’s the chairman of the board you never know what’s in store

But he’s gonna try something you ain’t seen before

That’s why the kids all call him the King of the Park

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